Before Pruvit, I severely struggled with my body image due to never feeling good enough. I worked in an industry where physical appearance mattered and held on to painful criticisms on how my body SHOULD look.

I fell in love with Health & Wellness to combat these mental struggles. I’ve ventured on and tried MANY health products, I had always been open minded. One day I was told to try the Keto-Diet, and it was the FASTEST results I had ever had in my life! Problem is, my state of ketosis ended in 2 weeks, because I didn’t know how to stay IN it! I DESPERATELY wanted to get back into a state of ketosis because I wanted to get back into being in the best shape of my life!

My research of Ketosis turned in to hours of researching and spending a lot of money on books. I felt like I was becoming unhealthy due to the stress of finding simple information that would get me back into ketosis.

One day, Tulane came in and asked what I knew about ketosis. I nerded out and blabbed out words based on my research. Then she goes “cool. Watch this short video, and TRY THIS RIGHT NOW”

I was in the middle of taking a shot of a nasty homemade concoction I researched off the internet that claimed it will get my body into a state of ketosis, but instead, I tried the Swiss Cacao drink that Tulane handed to me.

Within 3 seconds of drinking it, I instantly felt lit up! I was analyzing how I was feeling for a GOOD minute! I looked at the ingredients because the first thought that came to my mind was “is this a drug?” All I knew was that I wanted to feel like this ALL the time! I was even analyzing why Tulane had shared one with me FOR FREE because I felt so amazing!

I felt a heavy lift off of my shoulders because my months of researching on how to get into a state of ketosis was OVER!

I didn’t necessarily need to lose a lot of weight, however the biggest thing for me was how this drink IMMEDIATELY changed my mood. I had never noticed how crappy I’ve felt until I started feeling BETTER!

Even though the industry I work in focuses on physical appearance, I discovered that because I came to work with a brighter mood and energy, I was making more tips & sales. This amazing drink and the amazing community that came with it taught me that no matter what I’m doing in life, my inner-health is what’s MOST important!

If  you would like more information on how PRUVIT can help you or maybe just want to learn more about KETOSIS please feel free to contact me… I’d be happy to meet and teach you all I know

Danielle Nonog

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